Real estate markets are unique and strategy is often determined by local factors. Our clients are highly competitive residential investment businesses who want to streamline and dial in their marketing lists for maximum ROI. We offer our clients a completely unique platform to quickly explore, visualize, and perform deep competitive research on individual markets across the US. Our predictive modeling and targeted data sets for residential investment have been proven in over 250 markets across the country.

We strive to understand our clients unique competitive environment and individual goals, and then apply the most sophisticated machine learning techniques in the industry to create a strategy uniquely optimize to reach their desired results. Our services include data acquisition, cleansing, storage, and management solutions. Because of our unmatched reputation within the industry and undeniable results, we hold a 95% client renewal rate. Our goal is to help you acheive a reliable, steady stream of high quality, targeted leads. This will free up your time to focus on the operations and marketing areas of your business and spend less time struggling to compile your mailing lists.

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