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Our mission is to empower our market partners with cutting edge data and analytics technology that creates a massive competitive advantage in this rapidly evolving and the hyper competitive space.

While we would love to work with everyone who has a passion for Real Estate Investment, our real motivation is to be a critical resource for the clients that we serve. To that end, we’re very selective of the operators that we choose to work with in each market.

For this reason, it is critical that we adhere to some very basic qualification criteria prior to entering into a market partnership so that we understand our clients have the operational experience, financial capacity, and industry knowledge required to be a dominate operator int their metro.

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with a select group of innovators who have a track record of building successful acquisition operations.

Our partners possess strong business acumen, world-class operating talent, and substantial capital resources. They know what it takes to win in this industry, and we are committed to helping them be the best.

If you’re a seasoned operator with significant experience in the house flipping or wholesaling business and you’re interested in leveraging our platform, please complete the application below and our team will review and be in touch.


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