The most critical element in marketing. Today, Tomorrow, Forever.

I’m probably the most bias guy in the room.

With that bold face disclaimer clearly painted above this poorly written rant, let’s talk about the most important element of your marketing.

Listen, this critical piece is the most imporant today, it will be the most important tomorrow, and the most important until the end of time. It’s your list, or more specifically, it’s your targeting.

You might like sriracha. You may even acknowledge it’s privileged place in the universe, space, and time. I do too, it’s amazing.

Fact is, I put it in my coffee, brush my teeth with it, use it for shampoo, and often drink it out of a cup after a good workout.

You know what’s weird? My 3 year old won’t eat it. At all.

You couldn’t sell it to her at half off, give it too her for free, or even pay her to eat it. This is completely regardless of the fact that it is outright other worldly.

Here it is, an old marketing axiom. 70% of your success comes from your list, 20% from your offer and only 10% from copy.

Now, we do data science, the quote above is just something i heard from Joe Polish on a podcast, but it rang so true I never forgot it.

If your targeting sucks, everything else will fail. Period.

Never forget the old rule,

“you can’t sell lingerie to lumberjacks.”