Quarterly List Updates

Quarterly Update Schedule:

  • Q1 Release: Feb 15th
  • Q2 Release: May 15th
  • Q3 Release: Aug 15th
  • Q4 Release: Nov 15th

How much roll over is there in the quarterly updates?

There will always be a good amount of rollover due to the fact that many of the core targets remain targets until they sell. Most of the changes revolve around the “hot” transfers where a person or property becomes a target due to a life change, inheritance, transfer of ownership, ect.

Can I make changes to my list after the quarterly list has been published?

We encourage feedback and participation from our clients, but, due to the time required to build and process the models as well as the need to run a list for at least 90 days to gather good data, any requested changes will be provided in the next quarterly update.

Why did my list change size?

We are constantly working to improve the quality of the lists as well as maximize your ROI. If, when applying new data over the last quarter, we believe we can pick up an extra deal by raising the count a little or trim waste by reducing the count, we will always do so.

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