The List


All About the List

How did you come up with this list?

Through the application of national data sets and first in class data science, we leverage big data to determine which sellers, outside of the “obvious” targets, are most likely to sell at a discount based on the seller’s geographic, psychographic, and demographic modeling. Additionally, we always include the obvious lists such as the typical non owners, out of state non institutional, ect.

That said, since those obvious targets are overworked, unscalable, and the margins are reduced due to competition, we apply predictive modeling to the entire market to allow you to scale your volume responsibly.

Are vacants included in the list?

Vacancy is used as a feature in the modeling, but we do not include every vacant home. We only  include those that are relevant. For example, it would be a waste of time to take a call from a wealthy owner who recently purchased a vacation home in Aspen, even though it is vacant.

What type of response rate should I expect?

Since our core team is made up of scientists, we provide everyone the same answer without any touch of marketing bravado. In short, we don’t know. Here is what we do know: in Secondary Markets, response can range from 2% on a first run, to 0.8% on legacy mail. In Southern California, we have long term clients getting 0.3%, and they are still very profitable.

Does this list include probate, tax delinquent, or inheritance or should we continue to mail those people separately?

We recommend you do not stop mailing custom/niche lists for a few reasons.

1) Although many of the discount sellers are already on our list prior to a public distress flag such as a probate or tax lien, there will be deals that we occasionally miss.

2) The cost to mail niche lists is so low, that there is no reason not to mail them to ensure you do not miss a one.


Making Changes to the List

Can you add or remove names from my list?

No. Although, we do encourage you to include certain zip codes that you would like us to remove from the model. We do not add or remove specific names or addresses to or from your list due to the risk associated with missing one by misspelling, formatting, ect. We only provide the list.

Can I make changes to my list after the quarterly list has been published?

We encourage feedback and participation from our clients, but, due to the time required to build and process the models as well as the need to run a list for at least 90 days to gather good data, any requested changes will be provided in the next quarterly update.


Common Issues

Issue: I am getting calls to be removed from the list.
Solution: This is to be expected, and is a good thing. These are people that are emotionally reactive. People that are emotional are predisposed to sell their houses quickly.

Issue: I received a call from the mailing list, and they said they already sold their house.
Solution: Typically when this happens, it is because the people were highly likely to sell their house, but the recording event did not make its way from the closing to the county, to the data vendor, and into our dataset before your custom list was built.

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