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I got my list, but I don't know what the columns mean and what the numbers underneath stand for.ANSWER
Is there a code that lets me know which of the records have the highest probability of having the correct phone number versus others?ANSWER
I purchased multiple list types. Are the mailing list and phone list sent separately or together?ANSWER
Can I filter results based on property address zip code?ANSWER
What should I set my equity limit as? Do you have any recommendations on the equity percent based on the numbers you see and the parameters other clients have chosen?Since equity is an estimate, typically off the mark and most commonly under the mark, we recommend being more loose
with the boundary than you would if you were buying a list. 30-35% is a good rule of thumb since the models will do a good job optimizing all the properties in the region, the upper equity boundary is just a prerequisite.
What if we occasionally purchase houses higher than our target ARV?The modeling will not rule out high end unless you define that boundary, but your set will be optimized to reflect the price point where the majority of the investment transactions are taking place.
Do you keep data on vacant land as well as houses? Please let me know as I focus on land only.We do not currently provide land data, but we may offer land dev projects that come about if you would like to be an early user.
If there is no “Flip Intel Lender Name” shown on the “Investor Search" Details view, does that mean that it is an all cash deal?Yes, it typically means all cash, or potentially a lien was applied at some point in the future.
In the "Lender Search" Details view, what are the "Flip Intel Investor Loan 1 Amount" and the "Flip Intel Investor Loan 2 Amount"?These are the first and second position liens.
In the "Lender Search" Details view, what is the "Buyer Name"? Is it the name of the individual that first purchased the property or the name of the individual that it was sold to at the completion of the flip?The investor name is the name of the flipper, and the buyer name is the end user that it was sold to at the completion of the flip.
That new list on April 15th will completely replace
the Q1 list? Meaning we should no longer mail the Q1
list, and just mail the new one every month?
yes, it will replace your previous lists. Typically there is some overlap between lists, as we keep the properties we think are still likely to sell at a discount.
What is the reason for quarterly updates?Part of the reason we publish quarterly is b/c we like to see a list hit for at least 90 days,
that has shown best results.
How much does it cost to add phones on to my list?We have an annual append option which appends all quarterly updates with
phones for $2,400. This works out to less than .04 cents per line.
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