What We Offer

Because of our unmatched reputation within the industry and undeniable results, we hold a 95% client renewal rate. Our goal is to help you achieve a reliable, steady stream of high quality, targeted leads. This will free up your time to focus on the operations and marketing areas of your business and spend less time struggling to compile your mailing lists.

Data + Predictive Modeling

Our Data & Modeling Service applies cutting edge machine learning techniques over hundreds of key data points on more than 80 Million homes across the US to produce targeted data sets for mailing.

Your data sets are updated regularly and are statistically optimized on a regular schedule to ensure your organization will achieve the highest ROI as you scale your marketing.

We provide full spectrum analysis, evaluating every property in your region so that you have no blind spots in your data. Additionally, we manage all aspects of data acquisition, storage, updating, enrichment, blending, cleansing, pipelines, and modeling for you so you can focus on operating your organization.

Phone Appends

This is a licensed Data Set that consists of phone numbers appended to each of the quarterly targets provided. The best phone number available is provided for each target. Annual and one-time options available.