Client Stories

Video testimonials from our clients (including Andy McFarland of Enlight Home Buyers)


“It’s an incredible company that is almost like cheating for data.”

“It can be a lot of work to pull data from different lists, it’s a lot of duplication of effort. With Audantic’s list, our call response rate is so much better than when we try to compile our own list individually.
They do the hard work for us.”

“It’s at least a 25-50% savings even with the added cost of somebody doing the data for me.”



Here’s what a few Audantic clients have to say about our results:


Jason Byrne
Denver, CO
“Audantic has helped us to massively scale our business quickly,
profitably, as well as safely expanding into new markets.”


Michael Jake
Colorado Springs, CO
“Within a few months of working with Audantic we were able to cut
our marketing budget in half and were able to grow our transaction volume.”


Omer Reiner
Boca Raton, FL
“Working with Audantic there has not been so much competition
on the deals and the spreads are good. I’d recommend it.”


Frank Cava
Richmond, VA
“We have scaled our marketing and grown our revenue beyond our
original goals and Audantic has been a key partner in that process.”


Darrin Collins
Fayetteville, NC
“In our first 90 days with Audantic we were able to cut our spend in half and maintain
our transaction volume adding more than ten thousand a month to the bottom line.”


Brad Chandler
Washington, D.C.
“Our market is extremely competitive and direct mail was difficult so we were skeptical.
Audantic has become a key part of our marketing efforts, very glad we took that leap.”



Take a behind-the-scenes look at even more unprompted client testimonials about their real, incredible results:





“The list comes via email, everything is perfect, so for me its just expansion, expansion, expansion.”

“Before I met the team at Audantic, I was probably wasting a lot of money.”

“It gives us an unfair advantage whenever we do our direct mail.”


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“We’re doing more direct seller leads and conversion than we’ve ever done before because of the analytics that were given from Audantic”

“It’s literally doubled our business initially and doubled them again”

“I would probably be throwing away a lot of money, if I didn’t have the guys at Audantic that were taking my list and compressing it down to people who are actually going to sell me properties.”





“Our business has doubled using their data and simplified things radically.”

“If you’re a real estate investor who wants to be serious about getting your ROI dialed in, you need to get Audantic. This is the secret weapon.”

“The benefit is we get to do what we’re really great at which is buying and selling houses and knowing how to market, but we don’t have to worry about the list. All of the data feeds and algorithms it runs through are incredibly effective.”   



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