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Gain real-time, data-driven market insights that can triple your ROI in 30 days.  

Targeted Residential Real Estate Data to Maximize Your Investment Dollars Right Now

Property Acquisition

Property Acquisition is a lot easier if you know who the best sellers are in advance. Our Predictive Targeting Platform is the gold standard in the industry for one simple reason. It gets results, and we actually show them to you.

Property Disposition

You can access more buyers than you can find deals for every week, starting now. Without wasting time collecting and compiling lists, skip tracing off an out of date excel sheet, or getting squeezed by cash buyers who only want home runs deal. We make scaling easy.


What you don’t know can hurt you. The good news is today you can easily access high level reports on each marketing channel, sales performance, competitive analysis, and run deep dives with the click of a mouse to uncover leaks in your business and opportunities for growth.

Success Stories from our Partners

“A differentiator in our business.”

Audantic is approaching real estate data analytics in a much more novel way than any similar data provider. Working with Audantic is already a differentiator in our business, and I believe that the gap will only widen as time goes on.

Jack Bevier
Partner, The Dominion Group

“Data we couldn’t get anywhere else.”

The team at Audantic works with your acquisitions needs and custom tailors a data set that we couldn’t get anywhere else. We have been able to cut our marketing spend, enter new markets, and quickly generate revenue in just a few months.

Justin Monger
CEO, The Noble Home

“100% recommend Audantic.”

As all investors know, receiving elite data is essential to success. Audantic has proven to be one of very few “elite” data sets and is at the core of our marketing efforts. If you’re ready to level up your investing game, we 100% recommend hiring Audantic.

Phil Green
Partner, GG Homes

Audantic Prediction vs. Niche Lists

How many deals did our model predict vs. Top 3 niche lists? The results are shocking.

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ROI vs. Naive Equity
Average Monthly ROI

Get the Highest Return on Every Dollar

By front loading your investment, you will spend less time, less money and get the highest return on your real estate investment. How?

You gain a massive competitive advantage by leveraging our proven predictive algorithms to identify the best deals in your market before they happen.

By testing the results of a campaign before you ever run it, you avoid wasting time and money to find out if something will work. Our platform tests how well a campaign would have performed over the last six months before you start spending. This allows you to run hard at what is working best and steer clear of losing campaigns.


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